2024 RFP: Frequently Asked Questions

2024-Stakeholder Meetings

2024-STM 00002
Published On: 06/14/2024

Question: Could you please advise where can I register to attend the 2024 RFP Technical Conference on June 17, 2024?

Answer: The materials for the Technical Conference are filed in the following NCUC dockets E-2, Sub 1340 and E-7, Sub 1310. The conference will also be broadcast on the NCUC You Tube channel a link is available here NCUC: Public Hearings

2024-STM 00001
Published On: 06/07/2024

Question: When will the 3rd Stakeholder Meeting for the 2024 RFP be held and will a registration link be sent out?

Answer: The 3rd Stakeholder Meeting is planned for June 14, 2024. An email annoucenement was sent out to registered users on the RFP Website on June 7, 2024. To become a registered user on the website, follow the steps on https://www.dukeenergyrfpcarolinas.com/Registration.

 A link to register to attend the meeting is posted on the 2024 RFP Process Timeline section of the Home page: Duke Energy RFP Carolinas > Home.