2023 RFP: Frequently Asked Questions

Stakeholder Meetings

STM 00003
Published On: 08/14/2023

Question: Can you please post the PowerPoints from the Pre-solicitation Bidders Conference?

Answer: The Pre-solicitation presentation has been posted on the Stakeholder Materials page at https://www.dukeenergyrfpcarolinas.com/StakeholderMaterials.

STM 00002
Published On: 06/16/2023

Question: Section VII (B) 1 of the Draft RFP lays out market participant requirements that mostly but do not fully align with Asset Transfer requirements, stating "in the case of PPA and Utility Ownership Track Proposals, [MPs] have completed or directly managed the completion of the development, engineering, equipment procurement, and construction of >50 MW or 3x the nameplate capacity of the Proposal, whichever is greater, of solar facilities, including at least one project of comparable size to the proposed facility within the United States or Canada." Is a market participant that can meet all bid and eligibility requirements with the exception of previously completing EPC requirements eligible to advance an Asset Acquisition proposal for as Asset Transfer bid without EPC? Is the text in Section VII (B) 1 evaluated on a spectrum relative to each bid submitted, or is it an absolute requirement for all market participants?

Answer: The market participant’s experience requirements in Section VII(B) shall match the scope of the bid type being submitted. For example, an Asset Transfer bidder would be required to demonstrate experience associated with the scope of an Asset Transfer bid (project development but excluding construction).

STM 00001
Published On: 06/12/2023

Question: Has the stakeholder meeting to discuss market participant feedback on RFP documents been scheduled?

Answer: Yes, the stakeholder meeting has been scheduled for June 20 9:00am-11:30am EDT. To attend, register at https://duke-energy.webex.com/weblink/register/rf74c4dcdb8be755731d99399ae54747a.